SBB Cargo Siemens Mobility Vectron contract (Photo: SBB Cargo)

SWITZERLAND: Reichmuth & Co Investment Management’s LokRoll 3 business has awarded Siemens Mobility a contract to supply and maintain 35 Vectron AC electric locomotives which Northrail will lease to SBB Cargo for eight years from 2024.

SBB Cargo Siemens Mobility Vectron design study

The locos are to be equipped with ETCS baseline 3 and national train control systems for operation in Switzerland and on cross-border services into Germany and Austria.

‘With the Vectron main line locomotives, we can increase the reliability of our most important transportation equipment and thus further enhance the quality of service for our customers’, said SBB Cargo CEO Désirée Baer on July 15.

It is Reichmuth’s third locomotive transaction with SBB Cargo, and was arranged and structured by Paribus Rail Investment Management.