SLOVAKIA: National passenger operator ZSSK has awarded ŽOS Zvolen a €11m contract to convert Class 810/011 railcars and non-powered trailers into eight Class 813/913.1 two-car diesel multiple-units for use on regional services in central Slovakia. Deliveries are scheduled by the end of 2017.

To be branded Mravec (‘ant’), each DMU will comprise permanently coupled motor and driving cars, powered by a Tedom TD310R6HTA26 engine rated at 310 kW feeding a Voith DIWA hydromechanical transmission with Mirel electronic controls. The units will have a maximum speed of 90 km/h and up to three will be able to operate in multiple.

The partly-low floor DMUs will have a completely new air-conditioned interior with upholstered seats, PRM accessible toilet, a new passenger information system, CCTV and wi-fi. There will be 63 seats and space for 111 standing passengers.

The design is based on 44 Class 813/913.0 DMUs supplied in 2006-10 and three prototype Class 813/913.1 DMUs which ZSSK has leased from ŽOS Zvolen.