Euskotren (Photo CAF)

SPAIN: Wheelset supplier CAF MiiRA is to work with Basque region train operator Euskotren to test technology designed to reduce significantly the noise generated by train wheels.

Used mainly in monobloc wheels, the constrained layer damper system is tuned to damp the most relevant modes of vibration contributing to rolling noise and curve squeal.

‘This strategic collaboration with Euskotren provides us with an opportunity to combine our capabilities and knowledge to develop advanced solutions that improve the passenger travel experience and reduce environmental impact’, said CAF MiiRA R&D Manager Julio Galipienzo on July 21.

The collaboration is intended as long-term alliance, rather than just a one-off project.

‘We will work hand-in-hand to develop and implement innovative systems that reduce acoustic impact and enhance the overall performance of our trains’, added Pilar Rosado, Rolling Stock Manager at Euskotren.