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  • de Bayerische Oberlandbahn DMU (1)

    Alpha Trains acquires DMUs in sale and leaseback deal


    GERMANY: Leasing company Alpha Trains has acquired 22 Alstom Coradia Lint 54 two-car diesel multiple-units from Transdev in a sale and lease-back transaction, and is to acquire a further nine identical units directly from the manufacturer. The DMUs are to be used by Transdev subsidiary Bayerische ...

  • Stadler is to supply custom-designed electric multiple-units for the 891 mm gauge Roslagbanan.

    Transdev wins Roslagsbanan operating contract


    SWEDEN: Transdev Sverige AB has been selected as the next operator of the capital’s 891 mm gauge Roslagsbanan suburban network, the Stockholm region’s Transport Commission announced on May 12. Six groups had bid for the 12-year contract with regional transport authority Storstockholms Lokaltrafik, including incumbent Arriva ...