SWEDEN: Transdev took over from Arriva as operator of Stockholm’s 891 mm gauge Roslagsbanan suburban network on April 15.

The operating contract awarded by regional transport authority Storstockholms Lokaltrafik runs for 12 years and has a total value of around SKr4bn.

‘We have been preparing for this new assignment for more than a year now’, said Transdev’s Roslagsbanan business manager Bo Danielsson. ‘There is a lot that needs to be in place, from the recruitment and training of our new employees to learning everything about the vehicles and maintenance. We are very proud to start running Roslagsbanan.’

Operating contract

The Roslagsbanan network comprises three electrified routes from Stockholms Östra to Kårsta (L27), Österskär (L28) and Näsbypark (L29), which together carry around 15 million passengers a year.

Six groups had bid for the operating contract, including incumbent Arriva Sverige which had run the services since January 2013. Transdev was named the winner in May 2020 and was due to take over on April 2 2021. However, an unsuccessful appeal meant the contract could not be signed until May 2021 and so the handover was delayed.


Stadler is to supply a fleet of 22 custom-designed X15p electric multiple-units for the 65 km network in 2022-24.

Ordered by SL in in April 2017, these are designed for a maximum speed of 120 km/h, but will normally operate at up to 100 km/h. They will have lightweight aluminium bodies to facilitate rapid acceleration and to reduce energy and operating costs. Each 60 m long three-car unit will have 150 seats and have a total capacity of 300 passengers, offering better access for persons with reduced mobility than the current X10p EMUs supplied by Hägglunds in 1988-95. Winterisation for Swedish conditions will include enclosed traction equipment, double-wall inter-car gangways, high levels of insulation, floor heating and warm air curtains around the doors.

Other enhancements to be completed during the contract period will include further double-tracking and the construction of a depot in Vallentuna. A new station and bus interchange at Arninge on the Österskär line in eastern Täby was opened for traffic with the timetable change on December 12 2021.