At 3M, we are experts in helping you be confident you’ll get it right the first time. Our manufacturing technologies help you avoid do-overs and deliver on time. From adhesives and air filters to water purifiers and window security films, our goal is to help you and your company run more efficiently.

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    Making rail maintenance operations smarter

    2021-11-26T10:17:00Sponsored by

    Save time, improve quality, and drive productivity through 3M Adhesive and Tape solutions.

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    New capabilities in safety and comfort – For railcars, the environment and your budget

    2021-11-12T11:13:00Sponsored by

    A daunting list of challenges affect all of transportation in the 21st century. As demand rises, so do concerns about air quality and traffic congestion on roadways. Governments are responding to climate change reports with tighter regulations related to energy consumption. Sources of energy are shifting to accommodate.

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    Types of corrosion that affect rolling stock and how to reduce exposure

    2021-11-08T08:15:00Sponsored by

    Rolling stock manufacturers are constantly seeking more sustainable and cost-effective solutions to build and maintain railcars for the long term. Of the many unique obstacles faced in the rail industry, corrosion is among the most common – and costly. Preventing corrosion in rolling stock has been a core concern of ...

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    Overcome your high-speed train design challenges through adhesives science

    2021-08-16T07:00:00Sponsored by

    3M Materials and Adhesives Science have transformed exteriors and interiors of High-Speed Trains (HST) through solving challenges of speed, energy efficiency and stability, allowing manufacturers and operators to focus on improving passenger experience and comfort in new designs. With a complete portfolio of innovative adhesives and tapes, and years of ...

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    More sustainable rail operations – starting now

    2021-06-03T13:01:00Sponsored by

    Like almost everything else, the rail industry is influenced by the global trend toward sustainability – more efficient rail construction, operation and maintenance that minimizes impact on the environment.

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    Hop on for a journey to transform your rail car interiors

    Sponsored by , by Rohit Ramdey | Global Marketing Manager - Transportation Commercial Solutions Division

    Modern passengers expect more from their train travel than simply being transported from A to B. From aesthetics and design elements to informational signage and comfort, 3M has the latest solutions for rail car interiors with which you can delight your passengers and make them want to come back.

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    5 Factors to consider when wrapping your rail cars instead of painting

    Sponsored by , by Beau Hommes, Soumyajit Basu, Jim Bradburn, Sabine Dorn, Sumit Joshi, Michael Jost and Rick Wang

    We are going to discuss five factors that should be considered for why there is a benefit to wrapping your rail cars instead of painting them.