Beyoncé Tottenham Hotspur Stadium June 1 2023

Photos: Raph_PH/CC BY 2.0

USA: Singer Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour funded an extra hour of operation of the Washington metro at a cost of $100 000, ensuring that fans could get home after bad weather delayed the start of her concert at the FedEx Field stadium.

The metro had previously announced a 30 min extension of services to follow the August 6 concert, and the additional hour took services into the morning of August 7, 90 min after services would normally have ceased for the night.

Passengers were only be able to enter at Morgan Boulevard, the station closest to FedExField, which is located in the Maryland district of Summerfield and is the home stadium of the Washington Commanders NFL franchise. The other 97 stations on the network were designated exit only.