STM High-Output Ballast Cleaning machine 1400

RUSSIA: Sinara Transport Machines has established a Railway Infrastructure Division which will offer services using leased equipment as well as machines produced by its own subsidiary companies. STM is also studying the opportunities for producing further types of high performance track machine, possibly through partnerships with international manufacturers.

‘In the near future we will determine the list of those infrastructure services which we’ll offer both to the national carrier and to industrial enterprises’, explained STM Deputy General Director Vitaly Votolevsky on November 24. ‘We are interested in providing services for running maintenance and various types of track repair as well as the construction of new infrastructure. It is our plan to actively develop our competencies in the field of welding, grinding and milling of rails. At the same time, this is not a complete list.’

STM and Siberian State University of Railways tested high speed rail grinding technology this summer, and signed an agreement for the development of a new grinding train; production of a prototype is scheduled for spring 2023.