BOMBARDIER Transportation has won a €427m contract to build 340 of its Movia cars to operate Phase 2 of the Delhi Metro. The deal was announced on July 19, and deliveries are due to start towards the end of 2008 with completion of the order in 2010 before the Commonwealth Games take place in October.

Phase 2 will add a further 60 km to the three-line metro, doubling the size of the 62 km network which has 240 cars already in service.

Bodies, bogies and traction equipment for the first four-car units, which can carry 1 480 passengers, will be produced in Germany and Sweden, but most of the stainless steel cars will be produced in Bombardier's Indian plants. For example, traction equipment for 60 units will be manufactured in Vadodara. The metro is unusual in using 25 kV 50 Hz power.