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    Leveraging IoT to drive operational efficiencies


    Combining Edge and Cloud computing with an onboard IoT platform enables railway operators to consolidate and analyse multiple data streams, including visual intelligence and AI, potentially paving the way for automated train operation.

  • OC1
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    Australia: Automated operation is paying off


    Building on earlier technical enhancements, the roll-out of driverless operation under the AutoHaul project is already starting to deliver capacity and efficiency benefits that have more than justified a decade of development, Rio Tinto’s Shaun Robertson tells Chris Jackson. 

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    Philippines: Building to catch up


    Rail is among the cornerstones of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s ‘Build, Build, Build’ initiative, with investment in and around the capital a priority to alleviate mounting traffic congestion. Peter Janssen reports from Manila.

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    Australia: Victoria’s Big Build forges ahead


    Level crossing removals, capacity enhancements and a cross-city tunnel through central Melbourne are among the rail projects at the centre of the state government’s infrastructure investment programme. John Kirk investigates.

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    Vectron family goes bimode


    Siemens has developed a 2 MW electro-diesel variant of its modular locomotive family, which will help to reduce exhaust emissions where diesel trains now run on electrified routes. Dr Harry Hondius reports from München.

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    Accelerating the decarbonisation of rail


    Pressure to decarbonise rail transport has driven interest in hydrogen fuel cells and battery technology as an alternative to diesel traction. Both will find a growing role in the rail sector, but wider factors including emissions from power generation will also influence deployment choices.

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    Italy: Transformation at Italo-NTV


    These are important lessons to be learned from the remarkable business turnaround achieved by Italy’s high speed open access operator Italo-NTV in the last five years.

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    Italy: Terzo Valico line to open in 2023


    Construction of the long-planned third main line between Genova and Tortona is now in full swing. Benjámin Zelki reports fom northen Italy.

  • pexels_lightrail
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    A holistic approach to asset management


    A ‘hockey stick model’ can be used to understand the risk of degradation in the condition of rail vehicles, which mitigates the risk of cost control and fleet availability problems for rolling stock owners. Imagine the scenario. You are the maintenance manager of a large suburban ...

  • Rail operating contracts must reflect sustainability goals
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    Rail operating contracts must reflect sustainability goals


    Rail and urban transport operating contracts remain largely wedded to conventional metrics such as punctuality and capacity. But these do not adequately address wider sustainability goals or enable operators to increase the benefits of their operations for customers and wider society. The ability to move people ...

  • Toulouse has two metro lines, and a third is planned.
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    Toulouse: Transport investment for a growing population

    As Toulouse grows to become the fourth-largest city in France, it requires transport investment to keep up with the expanding population and to reduce car use.

  • Ankara- Kirikkale
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    Turkey: Deadline looms over 2023 master plan


    The Turkish government has spent much of the past decade investing in high speed lines and major route modernisation with the aim of launching a radically enhanced main line network in 2023, centenary of the modern republic. But there is much work still to do and funding problems are growing. ...

  • Furulund-holdeplass-trikk-Lilleakerbanen
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    Oslo: Investing in a zero-emission future

    Oslo has a vision not only of a car-free city centre, but of emission-free public transport networks.

  • Stockholm metro Gamla Stan
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    Stockholm: Transport plans accompany housing development

    Several metro expansion projects are due to be underway by the end of the year in a city where public transport has an 80% modal share at peak times.

  • München Siemens Avenio
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    Tram orders falling but still strong

    Worldwide tram and light rail vehicle orders have fallen for the second year in a row, but volumes are still high.

  • UKVZ tram credit Oleg Bodnya
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    Krasnodar: Russia’s ‘southern capital’ relies on urban rail

    Krasnodar has plans not only to expand its tram network, but also to develop modern commuter services on existing railways.

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    Tampere prepares for its first tramway

    Tampere is developing its first ever tram network, with some innovative methods being used to keep the public informed of construction progress.

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    Birmingham: All systems grow

    Development of the West Midlands tram network is being underpinned by innovative management and procurement models, allied to wider changes in the provision of public transport.

  • Freight train heads west
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    North America: Riding the PSR revolution


    Precision Scheduled Railroading has become the latest darling of North American railroading, overtaking PTC as the top priority for senior managers as Wall Street investors demand improved profitability. Dave  Lustig  investigates.

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    Finance Manager, Capital Investment Division

    Organisation: Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail 
    Location: Ireland