POLAND: Infrastructure manager PKP PLK has awarded TPF a 5·8m złoty contract to study the feasibility of upgrading the Bydgoszcz – Kościerzyna – Gdynia route to handle significantly more freight traffic. This would free capacity on the main line via Gdańsk for use by passenger services.

The Bydgoszcz – Kościerzyna – Gdynia line opened in 1930, having been built to carry coal to the Baltic port of Gdynia which was developed by the newly-independent Poland after World War I as an alternative to the Free City of Danzig (now Gdańsk). The route’s importance was reduced when Gdańsk was incorporated into Poland following World War II.

The proposed upgrade would include double tracking and electrification, Infill electrification is envisaged on the Wierzchucin – Tuchola – Chojnice, Łąg – Czersk – Chojnice and Szlachta – Czersk – Bąk routes as well as connections from Lipowa Tucholska to Szlachta and Szlachta Zachód.

Separately, PKP PLK has awarded Multiconsult and Transprojekt Gdański a 19·8m zloty contract to undertake design work for electrification of the 100 km Korsze – Ełk route. Removing the need for two locomotive charges would save around 30 min on Olsztyn – Białystok services. Track renewals and signalling upgrades to increase the line speed to 120 km/h for passenger trains and 100 km/h for freight would take the total cost of the project to 578m złoty.

  • Łódzkie voivodship has awarded Schüßler-Plan Inżynierzy a 1·4m złoty contract to plan a 40m złoty upgrade and electrification of the 26 km Tomaszów Mazowiecki – Opoczno route, the only diesel-operated line in the region.