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  • kr-east coast connection ceremony Jejin-office of president

    Work starts on Korean east coast connection


    ASIA: Work has started to complete the a coastal railway corridor along the east coast of the Korean peninsula, linking the rail networks of South and North Korea.

  • North Korea railway missile test launch (Photo: KCNA)

    North Korea tests train-launched missile


    NORTH KOREA: A railway-borne missile regiment has conducted a test launch to confirm the practicality of firing a missile from a train and to assess the combat readiness and capability of the newly-formed unit. The regiment deployed to the central mountainous area of the country at ...

  • kp-Wonsan-Kalma_01
    Metro Report International

    North Korean tram loop completed


    NORTH KOREA: Construction of a tram line in the city of Wŏnsan was completed in late November, according to local media reports. The single track line forming a clockwise loop of around 8·5 km is situated in the resort area of the city, between Wonsan Kalma ...

  • The trams for the Wonsan-Kalma Beach Resort are being built at the Kim Chong-t’ae Electric Locomotive Works in Pyongyang
    Metro Report International

    Tramway under construction at North Korean beach resort


    NORTH KOREA: A tram line is reported to be under construction at the Wonsan-Kalma Beach Resort which is being developed on the east coast. The trams are being built at the Kim Chong-t’ae Electric Locomotive Works in Pyongyang and are thought to be of 1 000 ...

  • tn_kp-pyongyang_tram_kim_jong_un_2.jpg

    Kim Jong Un inspects North Korean tram and trolleybus


    NORTH KOREA: Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea Kim Jong Un has inspected what the official news agency described as a locally-made tram and trolleybus. The three-section tram with AC traction motors was made at the Bus Repair Factory, the news agency said. It is stabled at Mangyongdae ...

  • North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspected the Koam – Tapchon railway (Photo: Korean Central News Agency).

    North Korean railway line opens


    NORTH KOREA: The Koam – Tapchon railway viaduct has opened, crossing Sokjon Bay on the east coast to connect a fishing port development on the Songjon peninsula to the national rail network. The opening ceremony was held on May 30, five days after national leader Kim Jong Un had inspected ...

  • kp-pyongyang-metro-train-approaching.jpg

    North Korean metro trainset carries passengers


    NORTH KOREA: January 1 saw a ceremonial run of what the official news agency describes as the country’s first domestically manufactured metro trainset. The train carried passengers on the 20 km north-south Chollima Line of the Pyongyang metro. The four-car trainset includes screens with real-time passenger information, as well ...

  • Kim Jong Un inspects a North Korean metro trainset.

    Kim Jong Un inspects North Korean metro trainset


    NORTH KOREA: Kim Jong Un, First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, visited the Kim Jong Thae Electric Locomotive Complex on October 23 to inspect what the official news agency described as a locally-made metro trainset. Pyongyang has two metro lines totalling 22 km, operated using rolling stock acquired ...

  • tn_kr-20150805-president-sleeper.jpg

    South Korea to reinstate line to the DMZ


    SOUTH KOREA: As part of events to mark the 70th anniversary of the partition of the Korean peninsula, on August 5 President Park Geun-hye attend a ceremony to launch work to reinstate the 9·3 km Baengmagoji – Woljeongi South Korean section of the former 222 km Gyeongwon Line between Seoul ...

  • tn_kp-ceremony-band20141021_01.jpg

    Let the cosmos flowers bloom!


    NORTH KOREA: Railways feature in a number of slogans which were published by the Central Committee and the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea to celebrate its 70th anniversary: Railways are the arteries of the country. Let the rail transport sector establish rigid discipline as ...

  • Groundbreaking ceremony for the modernisation of the railway from Namp’o to Pyongyang, Kangdong and Jaedong.

    North Korea launches Victory railway upgrade


    NORTH KOREA: A ground-breaking ceremony for the ‘Victory’ project to modernise the railway linking the west coast port of Namp’o with Pyongyang, Kangdong and the Jaedong coalfields was held on October 21. The project is being supported by Russia, and guests at the groundbreaking included Minister of External Economic ...

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    North Korea rail link completed


    NORTH KOREA: A ceremony was held on September 22 to mark the completion of work to reinstate the railway from Rajin in the Rason Special Economic Zone to the border at Tumangang and Khasan in Russia. More than 5·5bn roubles has been spent rehabilitating the 54 km line for ...

  • tn_generic-tracks-cz_3fd608.jpg

    North Korean cross-border route upgrading progresses


    RUSSIA: RZD President Vladimir Yakunin and North Korean Minister of Railways Jon Kil-su have signed a protocol on reconstruction of the Khasan – Rajin line, following talks in Moscow. They reported that the rebuilding work was ‘in its final stages’. The protocol outlines plans to create a single control ...

  • Tracklaying ceremony at Tumangan (Photo: RZD).

    Trans-Korean reconstruction begins


    NORTH KOREA: Ceremonies were held at the border station of Tumangan on October 4 to mark the start of reconstruction work on the first section of the Trans-Korean Main Line between the Russian border and the port of Rajin, where a new container terminal is to be built. Intended to ...

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    Pyongyang buys Czech trams


    NORTH KOREA: Pyongyang Transport Authority is to buy 20 second-hand Type T3 CKD-built single-ended trams from Praha transport authority DPHMP in a contract worth KC13m. Pyongyang already operates 129 Type T6B5K single-ended trams delivered in 1991 and 45 Type KT8D5K bi-directional articulated trams supplied in 1990. A further 50 ...

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    Freight crosses the Korean divide


    DECEMBER 11 saw the first commercial freight service cross the Demilitarised Zone between North and South Korea when a train loaded with construction materials from Munsan in the south reached an industrial complex at Kaesong in the north. It returned south carrying footwear and clothing. Operation of the train followed ...