Hyundai Rotem is supplying 554 double-deck EMU cars from it Changwon plant in South Korea.

AUSTRALIA: Hyundai Rotem has shipped the first 20 of 554 double-deck electric multiple-unit cars that it is supplying to New South Wales for use on NSW TrainLink inter-city services.

Rotem is supplying the 160 km/h rolling stock from its Changwon plant in South Korea as part of the RailConnect NSW consortium that also includes Mitsubishi Electric Australia and UGL Rail. The eight- and 10-car sets will be deployed on services from Sydney to Newcastle in the north, Lithgow in the west and Port Kembla in the south.

In August 2016 the consortium won a A$2·3bn contract to supply 512 cars in 2019-22 and to provide 15 years of maintenance. This was followed by a A$130m contract to supply a further 42 vehicles in 2019.