Book review.


By Anton Seeber

Commissioned by Leitner Technologies, this tri-lingual review of cable-powered urban transport combines a historical overview with an update on modern applications.

Combining concise text to accompany generous illustrations, the book promotes the cableway as a means to 'satisfy the need for mobility and at the same time being both budget-conscious and environmentally-conscientious'. The author also seeks to provide insight into the technical requirements and operational parameters, while placing a strong focus on the cableway as architecture and its role in enhancing the built environment of cities.

To this end, pride of place goes to the Minimetró in the Italian city of Perugia that opened on January 28 2008 (RG 3.08 p127). The 3 km automated peoplemover serves seven stops, with a fleet of 25 cars allowing 1 min headways. Several examples of cable-hauled airport peoplemovers are also mentioned.

ISBN 978-88-6069-006-7
€40 from Leitner Technologies, Via Brennero 34, I-39049, Vipiteno, Italy