RUSSIA: The line-by-line deployment of free passenger wi-fi across the Moscow Metro network is underway with completion planned for September.

Last year Moscow Metro awarded sole bidder Maxima Telecom a contract to provide wi-fi across its network. After evaluating different technologies, Maxima has selected Cisco Systems hardware and FiberinMotionT train-to-track wireless broadband technology supplied by Radwin. This provides 90 Mbps wi-fi, and has the capability to support additional applications which could include real-time CCTV transmission, passenger information systems and communications-based train control.

Installation is being privately funded, with the investors aiming to recoup their money through the provision of paid-for advertising content to passengers using the wi-fi.

Line 11 was the first to go live, with testing starting last September. 'To date, Radwin's FiberinMotion is operational in over 80 trains in the Moscow metro and supports daily traffic of upwards of 1 terabytes per line', according to Radwin President & CEO Sharon Sher.