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News about railway and urban rail infrastructure, operations, policy, projects and the supply industry in Mongolia.

  • CEO
    In depth

    Interview: Heavy haul line expands Mongolia’s rail capacity


    Interviewed about the challenges of building a heavy haul freight line through the Gobi Desert, CEO of Bodi International Dolgormaa Bukhbat highlights the harsh Mongolian climate and the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on logistics and construction.

  • Zuun-Bayan to Khangi railway opening in Mongolia (7)
    In depth

    Comment: Rail is resurgent despite turbulent times


    While emerging markets have long held promise, rail investment is now happening in countries where even in the recent past it would have seemed implausible. Nick Kingsley highlights examples from Iraq to Mongolia.

  • Ulaanbaatar metro project (3)
    Metro Report International

    Tenders called to develop Ulaanbaatar metro plan


    MONGOLIA: Mayor Khishgeegiin Nyambaatar has announced a US$1·3bn plan to develop a metro to improve connectivity in Ulaanbaatar. Nyambaatar was tasked with solving the problem of traffic jams and reducing air pollution when the government appointed him as Mayor last year. The city’s procurement department has ...

  • Zuun-Bayan to Khangi railway opening in Mongolia (2)

    Export boost expected from Mongolia – China railway opening


    MONGOLIA: Prime Minister Luvsannamsrai Oyun-Erdene has officially opened the 226·9 km railway from Zuunbayan to Khangi on the Chinese border, saying it will form ‘Mongolia’s new gateway for transporting mining export products competitively to the global marketplace’. The 1 520 mm gauge line interchanges with a ...

  • Mongolia_05

    Mongolian heavy haul coal railway opens


    MONGOLIA: President Ukhnaagiin Khürelsükh has officially opened the 234 km heavy haul railway connecting the Tavan Tolgoi coal deposits in the Gobi desert to an inland port at Gashuun Sukhait close to the Chinese border. The opening ceremony was held at on September 9, when the ...

  • Train in Uzbekistan

    Six policy reforms to strengthen railways in Central Asia


    ASIA: An Asian Development Bank assessment of the state of railways in the 11 countries of the Central Asia Regional Economic Co-operation Programme has set out six reforms that ADB believes are needed to make rail more efficient and financially sustainable. The CAREC area covers Afghanistan, ...

  • Railway under construction to link the Tavan Tolgoi coking coal mines with Gashuun Sukhait on the border with China.

    Tetra communications deployed on Gobi desert railway


    MONGOLIA: Teltronic has deployed a Tetra communications network for the 240 route-km heavy haul railway which is under construction to link the Tavan Tolgoi coking coal mines with Gashuun Sukhait on the border with China. The Spanish company has installed a complete communications system based on ...

  • ZT_ugsralt_02-(43)
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    Mongolia: Gobi coal exports poised to switch to rail


    Despite significant delays caused by the pandemic and a challenging local climate, commissioning of the infrastructure for Mongolia’s Tavan Tolgoi – Gashuun Sukhait Railway is due to start next quarter. The country’s largest current railway construction project will see exports from one of the world’s largest coking coal mines transfer from road to rail.

  • Mongolian narrow gauge children's railway fleet

    Children’s railway under construction in Mongolia


    MONGOLIA: National operator Ulaanbaatar Railway has begun developing its first children’s railway, where school pupils will be able to gain experience of railway operations. The 2·1 km circular line is being built in the northern city in Darkhan under a project being ...

  • Tavan Tolgoi coal mine excavators

    EMD locomotives ordered for Mongolian coal railway


    MONGOLIA: Financing company Bodi International has awarded Progress Rail a contract to supply 16 EMD SD70ACeLW locomotives for use on the future Tavan Tolgoi – Gashuun Sukhait railway. The 1 520 mm gauge locomotives will be powered by 16-cylinder EMD 710 Series engines rated at 3 ...

  • Freight train in Mongolia.

    UWC to supply first 25 tonne axleload wagons to Mongolia


    MONGOLIA: Financing company Bodi International has awarded United Wagon Co a contract to supply 810 high capacity open wagons which will be used to carry coal from the Tavan Tolgoi deposit in southern Mongolia for export to China. The Russian manufacturer said these would be the first ...

  • mn-urban cable car Ulaanbaatar
    Metro Report International

    Ulaanbaatar’s yurt settlements to be served by cable car


    MONGOLIA: A consortium of French aerial transport specialist Poma and rail consultancy Egis is to build an urban cable car route in Ulaanbaatar.

  • mg-TMH_Bryansk-locos-delivery_TB

    TMH locomotives arrive in Mongolia


    MONGOLIA: Ulaanbaatar Railway took delivery of two more TEM18DM diesel shunting locomotives from Transmashholding subsidiary Bryansk Engineering Plant on October 22. Under a contract signed in 2019, Bryansk is due to supply 10 TEM18DMs and 14 2TE25KM two-section diesel locomotives for main line freight services. All are ...

  • CNR Dalian electric locomotive for Uzbekistan.

    Central Asia transport strategy for 2030


    ASIA: The Central Asia Regional Economic Co-operation programme has published its Transport Strategy 2030, building on lessons learned from the Transport & Trade Facilitation Strategy 2020. According to CAREC, 1 800 km of railway was built in the period covered by that strategy. ...

  • Mongolia.

    Tavan Tolgoi coal line accord signed


    MONGOLIA: Russian Railways subsidiary RZD International is to provide technical assistance for the development of a 414 km rail link into the Tavan Tolgoi coalfield, following the signing of a co-operation agreement in Ulaanbaatar on December 3.

  • tn_mn-freight-train_14.jpg

    Mongolia’s Northern Railways signs EPC agreement


    MONGOLIA: The Northern Railways subsidiary of coking coal mine project developer Aspire Mining Ltd has signed an engineering, procurement and construction agreement for the proposed 547 km Erdenet – Ovoot railway with a joint venture of China Gezhouba International Engineering Co and China Railway 20 Group Corp. The agreement was ...

  • tn_mn-freight-train_12.jpg

    Mongolian railway draft feasibility study completed


    MONGOLIA: A draft feasibility study for the 549 km Erdenet to Ovoot Railway Project has been delivered to mine development company Aspire Mining Ltd by China Gezhouba Group International Ltd. Apire said its Northern Railways subsidiary which is promoting the multi-user railway project would now review, assess and provide feedback ...

  • tn_mn-freight-train_11.jpg

    Northern Rail Corridor feasibility study


    MONGOLIA: Aspire Mining subsidiary Northern Railways has signed a memorandum of understanding with China Gezhouba Group International to undertake a bankable second-stage feasibility study for the planned Northern Rail Corridor. The proposed mixed traffic line would run from Erdenet to serve coal reserves at Nurstell and Ovoot. A decision ...

  • China Gezhouba Group Co Ltd has entered into a non-binding agreement to co-operate with Aspire Mining subsidiary Northern Railways to plan and source financing for the proposed 549 km Erdenet – Ovoot line.

    Mongolian coal railway co-operation agreement


    MONGOLIA: China Gezhouba Group Co Ltd has entered into a non-binding agreement to co-operate with Aspire Mining subsidiary Northern Railways to plan and source financing for the proposed 549 km Erdenet – Ovoot line. The proposed multi-user railway would enable Aspire to exploit the second largest coking coal reserves in ...

  • Parliamentary Speaker Zandakhuu Enkhbold has officially opened a rail connection to the Tumurtei iron ore mine.

    Mongolian iron ore line opened


    MONGOLIA: Parliamentary Speaker Zandakhuu Enkhbold has officially opened a 33·4 km rail connection to the Tumurtei iron ore mine development, which is around 200 km north of Ulaanbaatar. The line will be used to transport ore to the Darkhan Metallurgical Plant, with traffic expected to grow from an initial 1 ...