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  • Wagons (Photo Operail)

    Operail sells more wagons from its lease fleet


    ESTONIA: National freight operator Operail has sold a further 807 wagons from its lease fleet for €22·1m as part of a programme of divestment of non-core assets. More than 40 companies were invited to participate and 20 tenders were submitted. After what Operail said was a ...

  • US Fortis wagon

    Nuclear fuel and radioactive waste wagon prototype ordered


    USA: The Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy has awarded ENSCO a contract to manufacture and test a prototype eight-axle heavy duty wagon branded Fortis for the transport of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste. Commercial spent nuclear fuel is packaged in containers weighing ...

  • Operail wagons (Photo Operail)

    Operail sells Ukrainian wagon fleet


    UKRAINE: Estonian state-owned rail freight company Operail has sold 552 wagons located in Ukraine to a joint venture of local transport, infrastructure and agriculture investor Fortior Capital and Estonian wagon leasing company Teslar Trans for €6·51m Operail said the sale was ‘not related to the Russian ...

  • LKAB iron ore wagon (Photo: Kiruna Wagon/Runar Gudmundsson)

    LKAB orders 100 ore wagons


    SWEDEN: Mining company LKAB has awarded Kiruna Wagon a contract to supply a further 100 high-capacity iron ore wagons and refurbish 92 of its existing vehicles. The 92 rebuilt wagons will be fitted with stiffened load baskets and bottom hatches with sliding doors. This is intended ...

  • The Greenbrier Companies

    Greenbrier expects wagon deliveries to remain high for next financial year


    INTERNATIONAL: The Greenbrier Companies received orders for 24 600 wagons with a total value of $2·9bn and delivered nearly 20 000 units in the year to August 31 2022. The company expects to deliver between 22 000 to 24 000 vehicles in its 2023 financial year, ...

  • Drax wagons
    Rail Business UK

    Drax orders UK-built biomass wagons


    UK: Drax Group has awarded WH Davis a contract to supply a further 30 high-capacity biomass wagons, which the generator says will reduce emissions on the route from the Port of Tyne to its power station in North Yorkshire by more than 25%. Drax has a ...

  • DB Cargo DAC

    Pop-up workshops to retrofit digital automatic couplers


    EUROPE: With around 500 000 European wagons needing to be equipped with digital automatic couplers by 2030, Deutsche Bahn is to deploy ‘pop-up’ mobile workshop tents where the work can be undertaken quickly and near where wagons are used, for example at industrial customers’ sites. From ...

  • Aluminium wagons

    Indian-made aluminium wagons enter service


    INDIA: What the Ministry of Railways says is India’s first rake of aluminium bodied wagons has been put into service, with the aim of improving rail freight efficiency and supporting domestic industry. The 61 bottom-discharge wagons have been produced by Besco Ltd’s wagon division in partnership ...

  • Irish freight train (Photo: Tony Miles)

    Iarnród Éireann plans to award wagon supply framework contract


    IRELAND: Iarnród Éireann has begun procurement for a multi-year framework contract covering the supply of up to 400 wagons of various types to meet its future needs. The national railway plans to place an initial order for approximately 200 wagons, including a sub-fleet of up to ...

  • Touax
    Rail Business UK

    Wagon maintenance contract awarded


    UK: Leasing company Touax has awarded Mandy Rail a long-term contract maintain wagons, including vehicles leased by GB Railfreight and DB Cargo. Mandy Rail was co-founded by joint managing directors Mark Hedley and Andy Hird in 2019. ‘Contracts such as this bring continued stability and allow ...

  • Dutch Ministry of Defence wagon

    Strategic military transport wagons delivered


    NETHERLANDS: ‘The Ministry of Defence is taking another important step towards having its own robust strategic transport capacity with these low-loading wagons’, Brigadier General Laurens Jobse said when Greenbrier‘s Wagony Świdnica began delivering wagons for the transport of military vehicles and containers. The ministry’s original order ...

  • Trinity Rail GATX tank wagons

    Six-year wagon supply agreement


    USA: Leasing company GATX has awarded Trinity Industries a contract to supply 15 000 wagons in 2023-28, with an option to order up to 500 more each year. Trinity will deliver 1 200 tank wagons per year in 2024-28, while the remaining 9 000 wagons will ...

  • Tatravagonka InnoTrans 2022

    Non-traditional materials to reduce bogie weights


    SLOVAKIA: The readiness of the rail freight market to accept the use of non‑traditional materials in bogie production is being assessed in Tatravagónka’s Y25LsAL‑C-K bogie project, for which technical and economic feasibility studies are now underway. The wagon manufacturer says weight reductions and the resulting improvements ...

  • de-dlr-CFW-3-RC

    Competitive Freight Wagon aims to boost rail freight


    INNOTRANS: On show in Berlin is a prototype four-wheeled intermodal wagon intended to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of rail freight. Developed by the German aerospace research centre DLR with the support from national railway industry association VDB and various industrial partners, the Competitive Freight Wagon ...

  • Tatravagónka’s Sagmms 490 six-axle flat wagon (1)

    Wagon for military vehicles and other heavy loads


    INNOTRANS: Tatravagónka’s Sagmms 490 six-axle flat wagon has a capacity of 101 tonnes for the transport of heavy tracked and wheeled military vehicles, as well as industrial cargos such as semi‑finished steel, rolled profiles, rail, bars, pipes and plates, or 20 ft and 40 ft ISO ...

  • Tatravagónka Snps timber wagon (3)

    Lumberjacks OK with timber wagon


    INNOTRANS: Tatravagónka drew on Salzburger Eisenbahn Transportlogistik GmbH’s long experience of timber traffic in its development of the Snps wagon, which is designed with rough load handing in mind. The wagon is designed to offer optimal loading of 3, 4 or 5 m ...

  • Wagons belonging to independent freight operator OWLN damaged by Russian shelling.

    North American wagons may join Ukrainian grain bridge


    INTERNATIONAL: Railroad Development Corp is working with RailAdventure on plans to ship 1000 North American freight wagons to Europe to help export grain from Ukraine. RDC has identified a fleet of small-profile covered hopper wagons used previously to haul fracking sand that could be modified for ...

  • Fenniarail sawn timber wagon (closed)

    Sawn timber wagon arrives in Finland


    FINLAND: Fenninarail has taken delivery of the first of a batch of Habins wagons ordered for sawn timber traffic, following initial testing in Estonia. Managing Director of the open access freight operator Juha Hakavuori said there is currently great demand for the ...

  • Turasas_fire_car1

    Fire fighting and rescue wagon rolled out


    TURKEY: A fire-fighting and rescue wagon has been rolled out by Türkiye Raylı Sistem Araçları in Eskişehir. It has a platform with an equipment module and water tank containers which can be used to fight lineside forest fires or tackle fires on trains carrying petroleum products, ...

  • JNA X Box Wagon 3
    Rail Business UK

    JNA-X box wagon prototype for GB Railfreight rolled out


    UK: The first of 50 JNA-X box wagons ordered by leasing company Porterbrook for use by GB Railfreight has been rolled out at Greenbrier Europe’s factory at Arad in Romania. The order was announced on March 15, and deliveries are planned in two batches in September ...