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  • The second batch of three four-car 100 km/h DMUs which CRRC is building for INCFA has been shipped from the Chinese port of Tianjin.

    CRRC delivers DMUs to Angola


    ANGOLA: The second batch of three four-car 100 km/h DMUs which CRRC is building for INCFA has been shipped from the Chinese port of Tianjin. They will join four trainsets delivered to Angola on February 10, with three more to follow. Each ...

  • Russia-Africa Summit

    Railway development opportunities highlighted at Russia-Africa Summit


    AFRICA: A number of agreements for Russian co-operation in railway development were signed at the inaugural Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi on October 23-24, where 54 African countries were represented with 43 heads of state or government attending. Africa ‘provides unique opportunities for railway development’, First Deputy ...

  • The Chinese contractor had been working on rehabilitation of the 1 344 km line from Luau on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo to Lobito since January 2006.

    Final handover of Benguela Railway ‘renews people’s hope’


    ANGOLA: A ceremony at Lobito’s main station on October 3 marked the final handover of the Benguela Railway to the government from construction company China Railway 20 Bureau Group. The Chinese contractor had been working on rehabilitation of the 1 344 km ...

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    Coast-to-coast cruise train crosses Africa


    INTERNATIONAL: On August 2 a passenger train set out on the return leg of a coast-to-coast trip across Africa. Departing from the port of Lobito on Angola’s Atlantic coast and bound for the Tanzanian port of Dar es Salaam on the Indian Ocean, the train had arrived in Lobito on ...

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    Benguela railway handover


    ANGOLA: Construction company China Railway 20 Bureau Group has formally handed over further sections of the 1 301 km Benguela Railway to the government of Angola. Events marking the transfer of ownership were held on June 29 in Kuito and on July 27 at Luau, close to the border with ...

  • A train carrying SNCC management and other guests reached Dilolo on August 11.

    Trains resume between Kolwezi and Dilolo


    DR CONGO: Ahead of the relaunch of regular passenger and mail trains on August 25, Ilunga Ilunkamba, Director-General of state railway SNCC, joined a special train inspecting the upgraded route between Kolwezi and Dololo on August 11. No trains have used this 422 km section of the former Benguela Railway ...

  • GE C30ACi locomotive for South Africa.

    GE to supply 100 locomotives to Angola


    ANGOLA: GE Transportation announced on March 27 that it had signed a contract to supply Instituto Nacional Dos Caminhos de Ferro Angola with 100 C30ACi locomotives. The six-axle 1 067 mm gauge diesel-electric locomotives with 12 cylinder 3 000 hp FDL-series engines are to be manufactured at GE’s Erie ...

  • The presidents of Angola, DR Congo and Zambia attended a ceremony to mark the rehabilitation of the Bengulea Railway (Photo: Salim Henry/State House).

    Three presidents inaugurate rebuilt Benguela Railway


    ANGOLA: The presidents of Angola, DR Congo and Zambia attended a ceremony in Luau on February 14 to officially mark the completion of a US$1·9bn Chinese-backed project to rehabilitate the 1 344 km Bengulea Railway between the port of Lobito and the DR Congo border. The presidents unveiled a plaque, ...

  • CNR Dalian diesel locomotive for Angola.

    CNR Dalian locomotives arrive in Angola


    ANGOLA: CNR Dalian has delivered the first five of 15 diesel locomotives ordered last year. Rated at 1715 kW, the 1067 mm gauge CKD8F locomotives have a top speed of 160 km/h and feature air-conditioned cabs and dust filters for use in the desert environment. Rehabilitation of the ...

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    President marks Benguela revival


    ANGOLA: President José Eduardo dos Santos was in Huambo on August 30 to welcome the first passenger train to arrive from Lobito over the latest 380 km section of Caminhos de Ferro de Benguela to be rehabilitated. The line had been out of action since 1975 owing to destruction during ...

  • Generic track.

    Return to Malanje marks Angolan railway revival


    ANGOLA: Caminhos de Ferro de Luanda passenger and freight services returned to the city of Malanje after 18 years on January 13, following rehabilitation of the 424 km line from Luanda. Passenger trains are scheduled to take 9 to 10 h with one stop at Ndalatando, and around 300 ...

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    Angolan railway rehabilitation progress


    ANGOLA: A step forward in the rehabilitation of the war-damaged railway network was made with the launch of a twice-weekly freight service on the 190 km Luanda – Dondo route at the end of July. Dondo is the terminus of a branch from the 424 km route from Luana to ...

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    Angolan restoration


    LAST MONTH was due to see the start of work on rehabilitating Angola’s 1067mm gauge Caminhos de Ferro do Luanda. This runs eastwards for 424 km from the Atlantic coast to Malanje, with a southern branch to Dondo. In recent years trains have only been running between Luanda and Dondo. ...

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    Benguela revival in prospect


    WE HAVE lost count of the number of attempts made to revive Angola’s 1302 km Benguela Railway that have foundered because of civil war. Once again, efforts are being mounted to rebuild the 1067mm gauge line from the port of Lobito inland towards the Democratic Republic of Congo, over which ...

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    Barter to revive Benguela


    RECONSTRUCTION of Angola’s 1304 km Benguela Railway is getting under way in the port of Lobito, following the signing of a barter deal between the government and Italian construction company Tor di Valle. Restoration of the corridor is expected to take 14 years, at a cost of US$500m, although trains ...