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  • Go-Ahead_Bayern_Fahrzeugflotte

    Go-Ahead receives Bayern operating licence


    GERMANY: Bayern’s Ministry for the Interior, Building Transport has granted the Go-Ahead Bayern subsidiary of the UK’s Go-Ahead Group a train operator’s licence. ‘A very important step has been taken’, said Go-Ahead Bayern Commercial Director Bastian Goßner on August 17. ‘We are on the ...

  • Impression of Stadler Flirt3 electric multiple-unit for use by Go-Ahead in Baden-Württemberg.

    Baden-Württemberg seeks ‘interim arrangement’ with Go-Ahead


    GERMANY: The Transport Ministry in the Land of Baden-Württemberg has agreed with UK-based private operator Go-Ahead that assistance with running services on the 180 km Frankenbahn linking Stuttgart with Würzburg via Heilbronn should be sought temporarily from another company. Two diagrams on this route were allocated to ...