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    Metro Report International

    Maglev flies from Germany to China


    CHINA: The first ‘production’ version of Max Bögl Group’s urban maglev vehicle has been delivered from München airport to Chengdu on an Antonov Airlines 124-100 Ruslan aircraft. The two-car unit will be used on a 3·5 km guideway which Max Bögl and ...

  • The latest design of prototype Series L0 maglev vehicles for the Chūō Shinkansen line has been unveiled by JR Central at Hitachi’s Kasado works in Kudamatsu.

    JR Central and Hitachi unveil latest maglev prototype


    JAPAN: The latest design of prototype Series L0 maglev vehicles for the Chūō Shinkansen line has been unveiled by JR Central at Hitachi’s Kasado works in Kudamatsu. The older L0 prototype has seven cars, with one end car and an intermediate car to be replaced by ...

  • tn_cn-crrc-sifang-600k-maglev-exterior.jpg

    600 km/h maglev prototype unveiled


    CHINA: Two prototype vehicles intended to support research into a 600 km/h maglev system were unveiled by CRRC Qingdao Sifang on May 23. The 53 m long locally-developed prototype comprises a driving car and an intermediate vehicle. It has been built as part of a five-year maglev development programme announced ...

  • tn_maxboegl-maglev1.jpg
    Metro Report International

    Max Bögl plans to enter urban maglev market


    GERMANY: Construction company Max Bögl is planning to relaunch the maglev concept with a view to winning export contracts. Instead of a high speed application, the company envisages low or medium speed operation over distances up to about 30 km. Following the demise of Transrapid maglev technology in Germany ...

  • PriestmanGoode has been helping to develop pod design concepts for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.

    Don’t believe the hype about Hyperloop


    Policymakers around the world have been beguiled by the prospects of Hyperloop technology providing a paradigm shift in inter-city transport, potentially at the expense of rail investment. However, Gareth Dennis sounds a note of caution about the technical and commercial hurdles facing this ‘fifth mode of transport’.

  • The Yanfang Line is the first driverless metro line in Beijing.
    Metro Report International

    Driverless metro, maglev and tram line open in Beijing


    CHINA: December 30 saw a significant expansion of the urban rail network in Beijing, with the opening of a driverless metro line, a maglev line and a tram line. An existing metro line was also extended. The 14·4 km Yanfang Line becomes the first driverless metro line in the ...

  • tn_tram-painted-on-road_a6e604.jpg
    Metro Report International

    Chinese urban rail vehicle supplier set up


    CHINA: China Railway Group subsidiary China Railway Hi-Tech Industry Corp and Changzhou Tiansheng New Materials have announced their intent to establish a joint venture for the production of urban transport vehicles. China Railway New Rail Transit Vehicle Co is to have its main production facility in Changzhou National Hi-tech ...

  • Passenger-carrying tests on maglev line S1 in Beijing began on August 5.
    Metro Report International

    Beijing maglev carries passengers


    CHINA: Passenger-carrying tests on maglev line S1 in Beijing began on August 5. The first stage of Line S1, also known as the Mentougou Line, will offer a 20 min journey between Mentougou and Pingguoyuan, where interchange is provided with metro Line 1. The 10·2 km Line S1 ...

  • Testing has started on the first maglev line in Beijing.
    Metro Report International

    Testing starts on Beijing maglev


    CHINA: Testing has started on the first maglev line in Beijing, and trial running is expected to commence by the end of the year. The first stage of Line S1 will offer a 20 min journey between Mentougou and Pingguoyuan, where interchange will be provided with metro Line 1. ...

  • tn_cn-beijing_maglev_train_1.jpg
    Metro Report International

    Beijing receives first maglev train


    CHINA: CRRC Tangshan delivered the first of 10 maglev trains to Beijing on December 16. These will be used on the ‘medium-low speed’ maglev Line S1 due to open next year. The six-car Linglong trainsets have a maximum speed of 100 km/h and capacity for 1 302 passengers. The ...

  • tn_kr-incheon_airpor_maglev.jpg

    Incheon Airport maglev starts passenger services


    SOUTH KOREA: Passenger services on the first urban maglev line with domestically-developed technology began on February 3. Services on the 6·1 km line between Incheon International Airport and Yongyu with six stations run every 15 min between 09.00 and 18.00, although the operating hours are set to expand in ...

  • tn_cn-changsha-maglev-end.jpg

    Changsha maglev starts trial running


    CHINA: Trial running has started on the 18·5 km ‘medium-speed’ maglev line linking Changsha Nan station with the city's Huanghua Airport. Operated by Hunan Maglev Transport Co, the line has been designed for a maximum speed of 120 km/h, although the normal running speed is limited to 100 km/h. Interchange ...

  • A new speed record has been set by a Central Japan Railway Series L0 maglev unit (File picture: Kazumiki Miura).

    Japanese maglev testing tops 600 km/h


    JAPAN: A new speed record for a magnetically levitated vehicle was set on April 21, when Central Japan Railway powered one of its Series L0 superconducting maglev units up to a maximum of 603 km/h on the test guideway in Yamanashi prefecture. According to JR Central, a speed of ...

  • tn_jp-yamanashi-maglev_013-kmiura_03.jpg

    Work starts on Chuo maglev


    JAPAN: Central Japan Railway officially marked the start of work on the first phase of its Chuo Shinkansen superconducting maglev line between Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka with ceremonies at the Shinagawa and Nagoya station sites on December 17. According to JR Central, construction work on the 286 km between Tokyo ...

  • tn_kr-incheon_airport_maglev.jpg

    Incheon Airport maglev unveiled


    SOUTH KOREA: The Incheon Airport maglev demonstration line was unveiled with a ceremonial run on May 14. Passenger service is due to begin in mid-July on the first domestically-developed urban maglev line. The 6·1 km route with six stations links Incheon International Airport with Yongyu. The Ministry of Land, ...

  • JR Central has tested the maglev technology in Yamanashi prefecture (Photo: Kazumiki Miura).

    Maglev Shinkansen work to start this year


    JAPAN: Construction of JR Central’s Chuo Shinkansen between Tokyo Shinagawa and Nagoya using superconducting maglev technology is expected to start towards the end of this year, possibly in October or November. The date will depend on satisfactory completion of the environmental impact assessment process following the publication of a ...

  • Maglev train test facility in Yamanashi prefecture (Photo: K Miura).

    Chuo maglev route announced


    JAPAN: Central Japan Railway Co has revealed details of the alignment of the planned maglev line from Tokyo to Nagoya. Announcing the route on September 18, the company said that it aimed to start construction work on the ¥5·4tr project next year, subject to government approval. Releasing information about station ...

  • (Photo: K Miura)

    Maglev testing extended


    JAPAN: Trials resumed on August 29 at the magnetic levitation test facility in Yamanashi prefecture following completion of work to extend the guideway. Transport Minister Akihiro Ota and JR Central Chairman Yoshiyuki Kasai were on board a demonstration run that day which attained a speed of 505 km/h. Tests on ...

  • CSR Zhuzhou's prototype Wind Chaser urban maglev.

    Wind Chaser urban maglev unveiled


    CHINA: A prototype maglev trainset for medium-capacity urban transport applications has been unveiled by CSR Zhuzhou. The manufacturer envisages the 'Wind Chaser' design being used in cities of less than 2 million people, where a full metro might not be required. The company has confirmed that negotiations are underway with ...

  • tn_jp-SeriesL0-maglev_02.jpg

    Chuo maglev station sites named


    JAPAN: JR Central has identified potential sites for intermediate stations on the proposed Chuo maglev route between Tokyo and Osaka, although these are subject to further investigation and environmental assessment. Early proposals had envisaged that the line would have stations only at Shinagawa in Tokyo, Nagoya and Shin-Osaka. However, local ...