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  • Afghanistan China corridor agreement

    Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China to trial multimodal freight corridor


    ASIA: Representatives of the railways of Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China have agreed to trial a rail and road ‘economic corridor’ linking the four countries. An agreement for the three-month trial was signed on September 9 at the end of a two-day meeting in Toshkent. Containerised ...

  • Train in Uzbekistan

    Six policy reforms to strengthen railways in Central Asia


    ASIA: An Asian Development Bank assessment of the state of railways in the 11 countries of the Central Asia Regional Economic Co-operation Programme has set out six reforms that ADB believes are needed to make rail more efficient and financially sustainable. The CAREC area covers Afghanistan, ...

  • Kyrgyzstan’s President launches construction of Balykchy to Kochkor railway (12)

    Kyrgyz president launches construction of railway to Kara-Keche


    KYRGYZSTAN: President Sadyr Japarov has officially launched construction of a 186 km railway from the current railhead at Balykchy to Kara-Keche, saying the first major rail project since independence is of great importance to the country. Burying a time capsule to mark ...

  • kj KTJ freight train te33a

    Kyrgyzstan Railways ‘keeping pace with the times’ at modern wagon servicing centre


    KYRGYZSTAN: Russian company United Wagon Co has opened an authorised service centre in Bishkek to provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance for modern wagons it has supplied. Repairs will be undertaken by national railway KTJ, which will maintain a warehouse with stocks of components. UWC has designated ...

  • CNR Dalian electric locomotive for Uzbekistan.

    Central Asia transport strategy for 2030


    ASIA: The Central Asia Regional Economic Co-operation programme has published its Transport Strategy 2030, building on lessons learned from the Transport & Trade Facilitation Strategy 2020. According to CAREC, 1 800 km of railway was built in the period covered by that strategy. ...

  • KTJ and Russian Railways are to co-operate to develop Kyrgyzstan's network.

    RZD to support Kyrgyzstan railway upgrade


    KYRGYZSTAN: Construction of a China – Kyrgyzstan – Uzbekistan railway and links between the disconnected northern and southern sections of the national network are among the projects to be studied jointly by state railway KTJ and Russian Railways under the terms of a memorandum of co-operation to develop the Kyrgyz ...

  • Asian Development Bank has awarded a US$2m grant to support CAREC railway development (Photo: ADB).

    ADB grant to help CAREC countries move from landlocked to land-linked


    ASIA: The Asian Development Bank has awarded a US$2m regional technical assistance grant to support the development of railway strategies and institutional capabilities in the Central Asia Regional Economic Co-operation countries. CAREC comprises Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, China, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and six multilateral institutions. ...

  • tn_kg-bishkek-trolza-optima-trolleybus_1.jpg

    Bishkek receives trolleybuses


    KYRGYZSTAN: Trolza delivered the first five of 37 trolleybuses that it is supplying to Bishkek on March 23. The 12 m long 5275.03 Optima vehicles have three sets of 1 230 mm wide double doors and capacity for 100 passengers, including 27 seated. In November Bishkek Trolleybus Co ...

  • Photo: Vladimir Waldin

    Bishkek trolleybus order placed


    KYRGYZSTAN: Bishkek Trolleybus Co has ordered a total of 52 trolleybuses from two suppliers. Russian manufacturer Trolza is to supply 37 vehicles and Belarusian company Belkommunmash is to supply 15. The 12 m long vehicles are being ordered under a €5m contract that is being funded partly through the ...

  • tn_uz-uty-electric-loco_02.jpg

    Central Asian strategic transport plan agreed


    ASIA: Meeting at Wuhan in China at the end of October, ministers from the 10 Central Asia Regional Economic Co-operation Program countries agreed an action plan to implement transport infrastructure projects costing more than US$23bn, together with energy and trade initiatives aimed at improving connectivity. The majority of the medium-term ...

  • tn_kz-ktz-ge-evolution-locomotive_02.jpg

    Kyrgyz Railways orders Evolution locomotives


    KAZAKHSTAN: National railway KTZ's JSC Lokomotiv Kurastyru Zauyty manufacturing plant has won its second contract to produce TE33A Evolution diesel locomotives for export. The contract for five locomotives was signed on July 3 by Argynbek Malabaev, Chief Executive of Kyrgyzstan's national railway KTJ. LKZ was established in ...

  • News

    Kyrgyzstan to plug Silk Route gap


    INTRO: Completion last December of China’s 1446 km South Xinjiang Railway to Kashi leaves a gap of less than 500 km to be closed in a historic trade route. Richard Hope reports on plans for a national network in the Kyrgyz Republic that will meet this need ADDRESSING the Ninth ...