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  • Dawonsys ITX-Maum

    Korail’s first ITX-Maum trainsets enter service


    SOUTH KOREA: National operator Korail has put into service the first of a build of 107 inter-regional trainsets being supplied by domestic manufacturer Dawonsys. The first nine four-car EMUs were put into revenue service on September 1, following a ceremony at Taebaek on August 25 attended ...

  • kr Ulsan tram
    Metro Report International

    Hydrogen trams planned in Ulsan


    SOUTH KOREA: A study has found that the development of a hydrogen-powered tramway in Ulsan would be feasible, Minister of Land, Infrastructure & Transport Won Hee-ryong announced on August 23. Construction could start in 2026 for completion in 2029 at a cost of 328bn won. The ...

  • EMU-320
    In depth

    South Korea: Next-generation high speed trains on test


    Korail is now testing the first two of 19 eight-car EMU-320 trainsets that will presage an expansion of services on South Korea’s main north-south main line. Benjámin Zelki reports.

  • Korail CEO Moon Hee Han

    Incoming Korail President & CEO sets out five goals


    SOUTH KOREA: Incoming President & CEO of national operator Korea Railroad Corp Moon Hee Han has set out five goals for the organisation, covering safety, sustainable financial stability, a better customer experience based on IT, building core competency and change management. Appointed for a three-year term, ...

  • The Sosa – Daegok section of Korail’s Seohae Line serving the western side of the Seoul conurbation opens for revenue services (1)

    Seohae Line reaches Daegok


    SOUTH KOREA: The 18·3 km Sosa – Daegok second section of Korail’s Seohae Line serving the western side of the Seoul conurbation opened for revenue services on July 1. The Wonsi – Siheung – Sosa southern section had opened in June 2018. Construction of the northern ...

  • Hyundai Rotem hydrogen tram (1)
    Metro Report International

    Hyundai Rotem presents hydrogen tram


    SOUTH KOREA: Hyundai Rotem has developed a demonstration hydrogen-fuel cell powered tram as part of a national project which aims to strengthen the position of South Korean suppliers in the global light rail market by adapting existing technologies from the automotive sector. Research and development began ...

  • Construction of a second double-track high speed line between Pyeongtaek and Osong has started.

    Work starts on second high speed route between Pyeongtaek and Osong


    SOUTH KOREA: Construction of a second double-track high speed line between Pyeongtaek and Osong has started. A groundbreaking ceremony was held on June 7 by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in Cheongju, east of Osong, attended by President Yoon Seok-yeol. The 46·9 km line ...

  • EMU-320

    Korail and Supreme Railways order high speed trains


    SOUTH KOREA: Hyundai Rotem has been awarded a contract to supply 31 high speed trains to South Korea’s two inter-city operators. The supplier will deliver 17 eight-car EMU-320 high speed trainsets for national operator Korail, plus 14 similar sets to private operator Supreme Railways, Hyundai Rotem ...

  • Busan-Gimhae LRT 1
    Metro Report International

    Busan plans express metro to offshore airport


    The Busan – Gimhae light metro line serves Busan’s Gimhae International Airport. Photo: Benjámin Zelki SOUTH KOREA: The southeastern city of Busan has announced plans to build an express metro line to serve the proposed Gadeok International Airport. The airport is due to be built on ...

  • SRT

    Supreme Railways to serve more cities from September


    Photos: Benjámin Zelki SOUTH KOREA: Open-access high speed operator Supreme Railways to launch services to Jinju, Yeosu, and Pohang from September from its Suseo terminus in southeast Seoul. The expansion plan was announced by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport on April 4 following discussions ...

  • Busan Ulsan suburban train
    Metro Report International

    Suburban and light rail investment agreement to create Busan-Ulsan ‘one-hour zone’


    SOUTH KOREA: A mutual cooperation agreement has been signed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport and local authorities to create a ‘one-hour living zone’ for the cities of Busan and Ulsan in the south of the country. The agreement covers the development of suburban rail ...

  • 320218976_1194739257835783_4853396845827651153_n

    First Seoul GTX trainset unveiled


    SOUTH KOREA: The first EMU for Line A of the Great Train Express commuter rail network currently under construction in Seoul has been unveiled by manufacturer Hyundai Rotem at its Changwon plant. The trains have a maximum operating speed of 180 km/h, reflecting GTX’s status as an ...

  • KR Central Inland Line

    Next phase of Korea’s Central Inland Line approved


    SOUTH KOREA: The government has given the go-ahead for construction from 2026 of the final Mungyeong – Gimcheon section of the Central Inland Line medium high speed corridor. The 250 km/h, single-track Central Inland Line is being developed in phases to link Seoul with Gimcheon on ...

  • kr-KRRI autonomous tram test-3
    Metro Report International

    KRRI’s V2X tram completes 600 km of autonomous test running


    SOUTH KOREA: Korea Railroad Research Institute has completed 600 km of test running with its V2X ‘Vehicle to Everything’ catenary-free tram.

  • kr-AREX Incheon-Airport Express train design 2

    Next-generation A’REX fleet design unveiled


    SOUTH KOREA: Incheon airport shuttle operator A’REX has unveiled the design of its next generation of 150 km/h express trains.

  • Korean high speed train

    EMU-320 high speed train unveiled


     SOUTH KOREA: The first of two pre-series EMU-320 high speed trains being built for Korail by Hyundai Rotem has been unveiled at the manufacturer’s Changwon factory.


    South Korean and UK bodies sign rail research MoU


    INTERNATIONAL: The Korea Railroad Research Institute and the UK’s Rail Safety & Standards Board signed a memorandum of understanding covering collaboration in railway safety research and development during InnoTrans. KRRI and RSSB intend to co-operate on: research and development of technology such as data-based safety ...

  • Busan Metro Line 4 (Photo Benjamin Zelki)
    Metro Report International

    Rubber-tyred metro trains with automatically-darkening windows ordered


    SOUTH KOREA: Busan Transportation Corp has awarded Woojin Industrial Systems a 34·2bn won contract to supply nine two-car rubber-tyred automated guideway transit vehicles for the Yangsan Line. The Yangsan Line will run 12·5 km from Nopo to Bukjeong in the north of the city, with seven ...

  • Korea Railroad Research Institute test train

    Train-to-train data transmission over 4 km


    SOUTH KOREA: Korea Railroad Research Institute has successfully tested train-to-train data communications over distances of 2 km in the open air and 4 km in tunnels. The communications use a directional antenna developed by KRRI, which said it was the first successful test over such distances. ...

  • Asan-Bridge-constr-East-Coast-Line
    In depth

    South Korea: Medium speed network takes shape


    Development of a ‘medium high speed network’ is now in full swing in South Korea, along with the upgrading of other corridors for both high speed and suburban traffic. Benjámin Zelki investigates.