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    Toshkent tram network to close


    UZBEKISTAN: Toshkent Mayor Rakhmonbek Usmonov announced on March 29 that the city’s 87·8 route-km tram network is to close by the end of the year. The former tracks will be used to provide additional road space, which the city authorities hope will reduce traffic congestion. Tram services are to be ...

  • Uzbekistan Railways has awarded Patentes Talgo a €38m contract to supply a further two Afrosiyob 250 km/h trainsets.

    Uzbekistan Railways orders more Talgo trainsets


    UZBEKISTAN: National railway UTY has signed a €38m contract for Patentes Talgo to supply a further two 250 km/h trainsets in 2017. The extra trainsets have been ordered as part of the ongoing 25 kV 50 Hz electrification of the 291 km Samarkand – Bukhara line which is scheduled for ...

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    Uzbek railway approved


    UZBEKISTAN: The government has given the go-ahead for national railway UTY to build a 396·9 km line in 2016-17 to provide a more direct link between Navoi, Kanimekh and Miskin. This would serve the Bukhara and Khorezm regions, and provide additional capacity for north–south freight. The cost is put at ...

  • The 140·8 km Marakand – Qarshi section of the Toshkent – Samarkand – Qarshi route has been electrified.

    Electrification to Qarshi completed


    UZBEKISTAN: A Talgo 250 Afrosiyob trainset ran from Toshkent to Qarshi on August 22 as part of celebrations marking the completion of work to electrify and upgrade the 140·8 km Marakand – Qarshi section of the 511 km Toshkent – Samarkand – Qarshi route. The project has raised the ...

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    World Bank agrees Pap - Angren railway project funding


    UZBEKISTAN: The World Bank approved a US$195m IBRD 25-year loan to fund the railway systems and technical assistance elements of the US$1664m Angren – Pap railway project on February 13. The 124 km single-track electrified line including a 19·2 km tunnel beneath the 2 200 m Kamchik Pass is intended ...

  • CNR Dalian electric locomotive for Uzbekistan.

    Electric freight locomotives unveiled in Toshkent


    UZBEKISTAN: The first three of 11 electric freight locomotives which CNR Dalian is building for national railway UTY have been unveiled in Toshkent. Branded as O'zel by UTY, the six-axle single-section 1 520 mm gauge 25 kV AC locomotives have Toshiba traction equipment and are rated at 7·2 MW with ...

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    Central Asian strategic transport plan agreed


    ASIA: Meeting at Wuhan in China at the end of October, ministers from the 10 Central Asia Regional Economic Co-operation Program countries agreed an action plan to implement transport infrastructure projects costing more than US$23bn, together with energy and trade initiatives aimed at improving connectivity. The majority of the medium-term ...

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    ADB and JICA sign Uzbekistan electrification loans


    UZBEKISTAN: The government has signed two international loans which will be used to complete 25 kV electrification of the 831·5 km north - south route between Toshkent and Termez by July 2017. On February 16 Asian Development Bank signed a US$100m loan to fund work on the 140·8 km section ...

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    Electrification and extension to boost Central Asian connections


    ASIA: The Asian Development Bank has approved funding for electrification in Uzbekistan and construction of a 225 km line in northern Afghanistan. On September 28 the ADB board agreed a US$100m loan towards a US$176m modernisation of Uzbek national railway UTY's 140 km route between Marakand near Samarkand and Qarshi. ...

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    Talgo 250 arrives in Toshkent


    UZBEKISTAN: The first of two Talgo 250 trainsets ordered to cut journey times on the 344 km Toshkent - Samarkand route from 3½ h to 2 h arrived in Toshkent on July 22, with the second due to follow in September. The trainsets have been given the name 'Afrosiyob'. Each ...

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    Faster to Samarkand


    UZBEKISTAN: An ¥18·1bn Japan Bank for International Co-operation loan to fund electrification of the 389 km Marakand – Qarshi – Qumqo’rgo’n – Termez line was among the agreements reached when President Karimov made an official visit to Japan in February. President Karimov has also signed a decree financing modernisation ...

  • Generic electrification works.

    Wires going up in Toshkent


    UZBEKISTAN: Last month UTY completed electrification of the 114 km Toshkent Tukimachi – Angren line, the last diesel-worked route in the Toshkent area. Wiring was undertaken at a cost of US$85·4m funded by UTY and foreign sources including Germany’s KfW and the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development. Russian firm ...