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    Chengdu tramway in service


    CHINA: The initial section of the Chengdu tram network opened on December 26. The 13·6 km Line T2 between Chenguang and Hexin Road is the first phase of a planned 39·3 km Y-shaped network in the northwest of the city that would provide interchange with metro ...

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    Songjiang tramway opens in Shanghai


    CHINA: The first section of the Songjiang tram network in Shanghai opened on December 26. The 13·9 km route serving 20 stops connects Zhongchen Road in the east with Canghua Road in the west via Songjiang University Town, where interchange is provided with metro Line 9. Services operate ...

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    Chongqing opens Line 5 extension


    CHINA: A 2·5 km extension of Chongqing metro line 5 from Dalongshan to Dashiba was opened for revenue service on December 24, adding a single station to the route. The extension comes just under a year after the inauguration of the first section of Line 5 between Expo Garden Centre ...

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    Station moved underground as Tianjin metro extension opens


    CHINA: A short extension of Tianjin metro Line 1 was inaugurated on December 3. The 1·5 km southeastern extension has two stations. Shuanglin, the previous terminus of Line 1, has reopened after nearly two years of closure during which it was rebuilt from an elevated to an underground station. ...

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    Guiyang metro line extended


    CHINA: An extension of Guiyang’s only metro line opened on December 1. The 20·2 km extension from Guiyangbei Railway Station to Xiaomeng Industrial Park serves 14 stations. The extension brigs the total length of Line 1 to 33·1 km. The initial section opened in December 2017, and a 2 ...

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    Six more metro projects launched in Guangzhou


    CHINA: A ceremony at Higher Education Mega Center South station on November 19 marked the launch of six metro construction projects in Guangzhou. The projects will add 111·7 km and 67 stations to the network and are cumulatively worth 100bn yuan. The network is currently 391·7 route-km, and 15 ...

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    Changchun adds light rail line


    CHINA: The third line of Changchun’s light rail network opened on October 30. Line 8 runs north from the northern terminus of metro Line 1 at North Ring Road to Guangtong Road. Services on the elevated 13·3 km route with 12 stops run every 10 min from 06.00 to ...

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    Tianjin metro Line 5 opens


    CHINA: Tianjin metro Line 5 began trial operations on October 22. Services operate between 6.00 and 23.40 every 6 min in the peaks and 7 to 8 min off-peak. The 35 km underground route runs from Danhebeidao in the north to Zhongyiyifuyuan in the south, serving 26 stations including ...

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    Wuhan metro adds two lines


    CHINA: The Wuhan metro network expanded on October 1 with the opening of two driverless lines. Line 7 runs from Garden Expo North in the north to Yezhihu in the south, serving 19 stations along its 30·4 km route. The end-to-end journey time on the underground line is 51 ...

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    Facial recognition ticket gates to be introduced this year


    CHINA: Later this year passengers in Beijing will be able to use ticket gates incorporating facial recognition which have been developed by BII Railway Transportation Technology. The gates offer two operating modes. In the first, a passenger’s photo is stored on a physical ticket, and when the passenger touches ...

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    CRRC unveils Cetrovo carbon-bodied metro vehicle


    CHINA: Hailed as the world’s first carbon-bodied metro vehicle, CRRC’s Cetrovo metro car prototype was formally unveiled at InnoTrans on September 18. CRRC says the Sifang-built vehicle will pave the way for the third generation of Chinese metro trainsets. These will be needed to operate new lines expected to open ...

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    Alstom wins further Shanghai metro contract


    CHINA: Shanghai Shentong Metro Group has awarded Shanghai Alstom Transport Electrical Equipment Co and its Xi’an Alstom Yongji Electric Equipment Co a €58m contract to supply electrical and traction equipment for the Shanghai metro Line 15 fleet. The group will supply Alstom’s Optonix traction system for the 324 metro ...

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    Metro line linking Suzhou with Shanghai approved


    CHINA: The National Development & Reform Commission approved a metro line linking the Suzhou and Shanghai networks on September 6. The city approved the Line S1 project on August 28 as part of the Suzhou Urban Rail Transit Phase III Construction Plan. The 41·3 km underground route would serve ...

  • The second tram line in the city of Suzhou opened on August 31.
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    Second tram line opens in Suzhou


    CHINA: The second tram line in the city of Suzhou opened on August 31, having been under construction since December 2014. The 17·2 km Line 2 starts at Longkang Road where there is an interchange with Line 1, and then runs via Hogfu Road to Suzhou New District Railway ...

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    Changchun metro Line 2 opens


    CHINA: Services on Changchun metro Line 2 began on August 30. The 22·8 km east-west route serves 18 stations between Dongfang Square and Xihu. The underground line is electrified at 1·5 kV DC overhead. The fleet of 70 km/h six-car Type B trainsets is stabled at a depot near ...

  • Photos: Zhang Zhenggui
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    Shanghai tram operations contract awarded


    CHINA: Songjiang Tramway has awarded Shanghai Keolis a five-year contract to operate and maintain the tram network in the Songjiang district of southwestern Shanghai. The joint venture of Shanghai Shentong Metro Group (51%) and Keolis (49%) is to operate the two-line network, which is due to open in two ...

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    Zhengzhou to test hydrogen fuel cell buses


    CHINA: Zhengzhou Public Transportation Corp is to put 20 hydrogen fuel cell buses into commercial demonstration operation. The buses that Yutong is supplying are equipped with a kneeling function for easier boarding, as well as a ramp. The supplier says that the buses have a range of 500 ...

  • Trial passenger operation has begun on the initial phase of the first metro line in Urumqi.
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    Trial operation begins on first Urumqi metro line


    CHINA: Trial passenger operation on the initial phase of the first metro line in the western city of Urumqi began on July 9. The 16·5 km Line 1 runs entirely underground from Balou in the city centre to the international airport, with 12 stations. CRRC Zhuzhou has supplied 27 Type ...

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    Max Bögl plans to enter urban maglev market


    GERMANY: Construction company Max Bögl is planning to relaunch the maglev concept with a view to winning export contracts. Instead of a high speed application, the company envisages low or medium speed operation over distances up to about 30 km. Following the demise of Transrapid maglev technology in Germany ...

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    CRRC rolls out Delingha tram


    CHINA: CRRC’s Qingdao factory has rolled out the first tram for Delingha, which is expected to enter service by the end of the year in the city in Qinghai province. The two-section low-floor tram is equipped with onboard energy storage that consists of a supercapacitor and lithium-titanate battery, which ...