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    Adopting 5G FRMCS for railway communications


    The future of rail transport critically depends on taking advantage of advanced communications systems to enhance safety, increase automation, cut operating costs and improve the experience for rail passengers. With the Future Railway Mobile Communications System (FRMCS) due to replace GSM-R and other legacy systems, rail operators ...

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    An important milestone in planning for the future of the railway industry


    Riyadh prepares for the launch of the highly anticipated 2020 Railway Forum

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    Rail industry gathers in Gdańsk


    SPONSORED CONTENT: The rail industry gathered at AmberExpo in Gdańsk on September 24-27 for the 13th edition of the Trako trade show. In addition to seven exhibition halls showcasing products and services for all sectors of the rail industry, several vehicles were on display outdoors. These included a ...

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    Camlin supports Network Rail with large-scale PANTOBOT 3D deployment on Great Western Main Line


    Camlin has been contracted by Network Rail Infrastructure Projects Wales & Western to supply and install its award-winning PANTOBOT 3D smart pantograph monitoring system at six locations on the Great Western Main Line.

  • Digital technology will be key to improving both the passenger experience and the operational efficiency of railways and metros in future, Nokia believes.

    Meeting the digital future of rail strategically with IoT and analytics

    2019-08-23T08:52:00Z By Nokia

    To meet their promise as one of our most sustainable modes of transportation, railways in many developed countries are going to need a big upgrade, writes Karsten Oberle, Head of the Global Railway Practice at communications group Nokia.

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    Robust cyber-security plans keep trains running on time


    SPONSORED CONTENT: As primary movers of people and goods, railways play a central role in the economic and social life of most countries, writes Karsten Oberle, Head of the Global Railway Practice at communications group Nokia. Railways have also become an attractive target for potential cyber attacks, due in large part to the enormous economic and societal impacts that can result from cutting off rail service — just a few hours disruption can wreak havoc on most cities.

  • German private operator IGE has adopted the Calipri Prime contactless wheel profile measuring tool as a way of eliminating risk from the wheel inspection process.

    Eliminating manual inspection of wheelsets


    German private operator IGE has adopted the Calipri Prime contactless wheel profile measuring tool as a way of eliminating risk from the wheel inspection process.

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    Siemens focuses on traffic management and high speed at Railtex


    SIEMENS: Speaking to Railway Gazette at the Railtex show in Birmingham on May 15, Siemens Mobility’s Director of Control Systems Mike Lewis said that he expects the company to start commissioning its dynamic route setting system at its Derby site next month. This would be followed by ...

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    Secure Data Infrastructure for Critical Railway Operations


    SPONSORED CONTENT: THE NEED FOR MORE SECURITY With new digital technologies, modern railway companies can increase asset reliability and improve on-time performance. However, with more sensors on geographically dispersed equipment, rail infrastructures and signaling systems also become more exposed to cyber-attacks. This white paper shares cross-industry experience in creating a ...

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    Digital technology redefines safety for low-cost railways


    SPONSORED CONTENT: ‘What we want to see is smart trains, but dumb track’, insists Derel Wust, Managing Director of Australian train control software specialist 4Tel. In most of the railway business, ‘we have smart track and dumb trains’, but he suggests that this is an ‘exceptionally expensive’ ...